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Sep 2011

Two Mami Blogs

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Image: healingdream @

Image: healingdream @

When my daughter was born, the Internet saved me. I worried over every little thing and had a tough time breastfeeding. I was constantly on websites like BabyCenter and La Leche League. But mostly, it was the mommy blogs that gave me some reprieve from those tough early days. It was a great escape to read them for advice on fashion, raising kids, home decorating, sewing — these internet moms are savvy in just about everything and are willing to share their expertise. What’s even better is when you find a mami blog with a little cultura. So today I want to showcase just two of the many mami blogs written from a Latina perspective.

Mamá Latina Tips by Silvia Martinez features a little bit of everything having to do with being a busy mom in today’s world. She is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico and shares articles on Mexican culture accompanied by beautiful photographs. The best thing about this blog is that it is bilingual! One of the best ways for me to improve my Spanish vocabulary is by reading – and bilingual books and websites are great for this. For adults, Spanish readers are great, and there are tons of bilingual books for las criaturas, too.

Mami’s Time Out is exactly that – a bit of fun relief for your day. This blog is a little more fashion and pop culture driven. Jai, a Dominican from New York, also features a hilarious Wordless Wednesday column and a recap of the latest telenovelas! This blog is a little different because you read posts in separate categories – I prefer to read them in chronological order so I can see everything (hmmm, maybe I’m a blog stalker?).

Both of these websites are a lot of fun to read and feature a bunch of giveaways. Check them out!

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